Information Dominance in the Battlespace

The Analytical Fog of War

Battlespace awareness is critical to shortening decision cycles and to making better decisions than one’s adversaries. Government intelligence teams must rapidly sense, collect, process, analyze, evaluate, and exploit streaming data. Yet today’s information-intensive operating environments overwhelm mainstream geospatial tools, slowing time to analysis and intelligence cycles during mission-critical moments.

Real-Time Geolocation Data Analysis at the Speed of Thought

OmniSci is the GPU-accelerated visualization platform that enables intelligence analysts and commanders to query and interact with big geolocation datasets with zero perceptible latency. This gives military intelligence analysts visual exploration at the speed of thought, through an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard, powered by the most advanced analytics engine on the market.

Tactical Advantage through Geospatial Analytics

With OmniSci, military and cyber intelligence analysts can analyze massive geolocation datasets and answer more questions in less time. OmniSci is already used by United States Defense & Intelligence agencies retain their operational and tactical advantage through geospatial analytics. Find out what else OmniSci can do for the Public Sector.

GPU-accelerated Analytics Explained

OmniSci is the pioneer in GPU-accelerated analytics, redefining speed and scale in big data querying and visualization.

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